Finding records from two tables where data is not equal

I have two tables: Payment and Member. The Payments table has a ListID and member name for all the records where a member is charging the payment. The members table also has the LISTID for each member. In this case my foreign key is ListID.

Because the member table is periodically updated from an external source the member’s name could change which would make the Payment table and member table have different member names for the same ListID (member). I need to find these records so I can update the payment to have the same current name from the member table.

What I want to do is have a repeating group that only shows the payments where the ListID.payment = ListID.member and <>
Any suggestions on how to approach this? I can get the repeating group for all payments and highlight where the names are different but I want to filter out the records where the name is different so I can work on updating only those records.

Any ideas?