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Finding Similarities Between Users

How would you set it up?

Will that work with the “data to send” part? Because i am trying to send a users data to a page. Its not a repeating group

your going to send movei data to a page?

no the buttons worlflow is navigate to a page, and the data to send will have to be a certain users data, the user that contains at least one of your own Top Movies

I believe all you’d just use Search for Users:ranked by numberical similarity to Current User

This should match all like users together.

yeah now that a read your question again i think i understand. so the repeating group is just to show you what data you returned from the expression. then you would run a workflow to send a random users data to a page (or group).

if dougs idea works go for it to, i havent used ranked


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Ok and what would i put here? it cant just be that on its own.


is your index page set to user data type?


An oversight on my part, I thought you were wanting to display Users together who’s fields matched with a RG. I’m not sure about sending data to a page.

Edit. index data type should be User ksp be right

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It is, yea

at the end of that exression you need to put random item, right now its a list, you need to make it one thing

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Buildfactor (

this is what the numaricall similarity returns in the repeating group, im not so sure thats the answer i dont see how to specifiy what you are ranking the data types by.

only numarical difference and numaricall similarity, not comparing lists

its good practice to test your results with a visual representation of the return, so you know what data you are getting at the end point

Ah yea i dont think that work either. I have a feeling intersect will help, any idea of how to might use it?

Actually reading you want to match by movie type. Yea ranked by is what you’d use to match people by age, height, weight, and income etc. Something of an integer, not text. Again, finger happy dougie strikes again.

I love you all with my heart. never forget

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i posted it above.

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Ok great. Thank you! do i have to use those orange parentheses? I havnt seen those before

its a custom skin i got from bubble from helping so many poeple on the forum

just kidding, i dont know why they are orange. but it does look good and has good contrast

im sure you have them to you just have to use “or” and stuff and they should show up

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You gotta go to your app settings under version and check parentheses

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