Finding the mode in a repeating group?

Hey everyone! Trying to create a quiz of sorts for engaged couples to find their wedding style. Idea is that I will display a list of photos in a repeating group, and each photo has a text field where the style is displayed.

The user can “like” as many photos as they want, and then whichever style has the highest frequency will be their overall style. (i.e. if they like 7 Rustic pictures, 4 Glam pictures, and 2 Boho pictures, then their style will be Rustic).

I’ve been able to attribute the user with a list of all the styles they click the heart on, but I can’t figure out what the formula would be to just pick the highest frequency.

The full quiz will have about 75 photos so we don’t really need to save each instance of Rustic, Glam etc to the user - just the final outcome. I’m equating this to finding the mode, so if we need to equate styles to numbers instead of text, that’s doable as well.

Any thoughts on how to make this work?