Finding the right profile slug?

Hi everyone I am stuck with my very last thing for completion. I have tried numorouse workflows but to no prevail so here I am asking all of you for some help lol please.

I have a pop up as soon as you go onto a page within my app, the pop up is set for when page loads(entirely). The pop up is a feature for a certain tier of users and will showcase 3 different users profiles.
On each page load I have it pulling 3 random profile cover photos to occupy these 3 groups. why random…because I would like to give all top tier users the chance to be featured at any given time throughout a day and not have to choose them individually each day.

My problem is …I can’t seem to be able to find a way to have it pull that occupied groups users profiles slug??

When I click the button ‘Visit profile’ it takes you to an empty profile page?? The basic workflow of using a RG and current cells user, is exactly that cells user(meaning one) so it will only go to the same users profile NOT the profile that is loaded in the RG.
I don’t know how to single out a single user or slug from a list?

I need my button ‘Visit profile’ to coinsign with the image of the profile displayed.

any ideas or does anyone know a work around?
Is it even possible ??

Thank you all so much for any comments and help.

When you click “View Profile” how’s the resulting page built, does the page have a data type of User? And are you talking about slugs and in this feature? New Slug Feature for Customizable URLs

the resulting page has no type of content. every group on that pages content is user. and data source is group selected users. the page it self just draws the users profile through url with there slug and displays all the information for that user on that page. the profile the user fills in, is not the profile the app user sees.

in every profile the slug is assigned to their ph number because there can never be two phone numbers the same so it works simple when with a list of users in a RG but you cant have a RG change the current cells user randomly on page load so…thats no good to me??

I’m a bit confused, what are you exactly trying to accomplish? From my understanding right now, you have a popup with a repeating group of random users on a paid tier. You want a button inside that user’s repeating group that says, “View Profile” when clicked go to another page with the User’s profile? Is this right?

yes. I cant get my button to do that. it goes the the same profile current cell users profile. even when the above image/profile is different.

Can you send a screenshot on how your button workflow is setup along with your repeating group?

yes I can. Screen Shot button workflow

What constraints does your data source have?

Have you tried to put the image in an image element, then Current Cell’s user’s image:processed with imgix, then select crop to the size of the element?

search for users within 100km of sydney and elite membership yes. so it only chooses from elite members only and the profiles within that area

What does the data on the page in which the user is sent to when clicking “view profile” look like?

How have you set it up to grab the info for that? Have you considered using the built-in slug feature (New Slug Feature for Customizable URLs), then setting page data and using a built-in feature?

Im already using a toolkit plugin to assign the slug value. Im fine with that. my major repeating group on my page after the pop up work perfect. it shows the list of users and the view profile button takes you to that users profile.

Its something about generating the user randomly.

is there a way to have my RG set to random item?

Ah, yes. You can use the :randomitem action in your data source after your do a search for… action.

I put in random:item cover photo and it tells me
data source should be a list of users right now it is a user.

Ill keep trying thank you

Why did you put :randomitem cover photo? It should just be a random item in the list of users.

Thank you.

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