Beta Access opens tomorrow

I’m opening up the Beta testing stage tomorrow for which is my searchable database of curated How-To answers from various sources like Twitter, Youtube, Bubble Forum etc.

There is a chrome extension to make this available within the Bubble Editor. The aim is to make it easy to find information. There are 113 on the waitlist already, and from tomorrow you can sign up and try it out.

The Beta testing stage will last for ~1 month. Full access and free during beta stage.
If you want to get on the Waitlist there is still time at

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The Numbers

  • Signed up customers: 43
  • Chrome Extension Installs: 46
  • Resources Submitted for review: 231
  • Resources Approved: 121
  • Unique Browse Categories: 53
  • Links clicked: 211
  • Average Algolia search delay: 1ms

New Features

I’ve recently built support for url parameters, so that search results can be shared and referenced externally. i.e

Referencing a Search result:

Referencing a Browse result:

The main entry point is still intended to be using the Chrome Extension in the Bubble Editor view, but in reality the page that the extension delivers is the same page referenced in the links above, so it can be accessed by a browser too.

Next Steps

  • I’ll be adding more content soon, in particular from the Bubble Forum.
  • Improving my submission of /search query based urls to google via my sitemap

Your Opinions Please

I’m very keen to know if the tool as it stands delivers the core functionality you’d expect from it… i.e making Bubble How-To information easier to find, and re-find. It works for me, but you may want to use it in new ways I haven’t thought of yet. I want to evolve it so it is a win-win for the Bubble community.

You can provide feedback by any of the following channels:

  • The Feedback link in the Chrome Extension or from a Web Browser, under the Avatar dropdown
  • Replying to this post
  • Email to
  • Twitter post or DM to @MartyLindsay_NZ or @FindNoCode

Known Issues

  • Although the Chrome Extension window opens on most websites, clicking the Avatar/Menu options doesn’t open on several sites, including Twitter. This is due to security policies on those sites, limiting navigation to the menu paths in the bubble app. My options are to either limit the sites the extension will open on, or… refactor the menu to be part of the main single page app… still ponding this one. Keen to know if you want to use this on sites other than

OK, that’s all for now. I’ll send another update in a week or two with how the Beta Testing stage has progressed. In the meantime I’d love to hear from you.

Thanks for your support,


Hi Marty,

Was in on this way back. Looks like you discontinued it?

~ Peter