Firebase - handle with map List object

I am trying create a CRUD with firebase realtime database (json) but how to handle with map List object that Firebase returned instead of return list-objects?
Example: when I create a suplier in supliers list Firebase auto create a ID and the suplier it’s inside this ID. When I GET supliers, each ID it’s an object.

First instinct is to create a plugin that can read the firebase map IDs and turn them into geographical locations on a map-- does google maps do this, or provide documentation on how to do this?

going to follow this thread with great interest.

Hi @dannyliu it’s not map geographical. I mean the list of objects it’s kind of map for objects in json.

Did you ever figure this out? I am facing the same problem now.

If I was you, I’d whip up a plugin element to handle the returned data.

Agreed - seems like this is the best way to do anything beyond the basics when it comes to API requests.

The API connector does seem to require a very rigid data format, which is not really in line with the philosophy of firebase.

Well Firebase doesn’t return an array of records, instead an array of documents. It’s annoying.

A plugin element will fix it quick for yoh