Firebase V1 APIs

Do people here use Firebase Cloud Messaging APIs to send push notifications?

I have been using those and looks like they are deprecating legacy APIs and forcing the migration to V1 APIs. (Firebase FAQ)

This in itself should be okay usually. However, they seem to be stopping the support for batch sending of notifications. Earlier they used to support 500 messages in one API call.

Am I reading it correctly? Anyone else experiencing the same and have some suggestions on how to handle it?

With this new method, it will be very slow to send push notifications as we’d have to iterate through the list to send messages one by one. Also, Bubble will simply charge 500 times more now for the same messages that I would have sent earlier.

Also, there is some mention in the documentation that If you want to improve efficiency, you should consider using HTTP/2 to send multiple requests over the same HTTP connection to the HTTP v1 API. I have no idea what that means and if it is possible in Bubble. Would anyone know?

Are there better alternatives than Firebase? Onesignal seemed very spammy and had privacy issues is what I remember.

This question is so specific that it’s unlikely anybody will be able to advise you anything other than “RTFM, bro.”

However, I’ve bumped it by replying so… :man_shrugging:

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Thanks @keith for the reply and also bumping up.

As I have mentioned in the post, I have read the documentation and have my interpretation. I want to make sure I have understood it right and if there are good ways of handling it other than what I have interpreted it as.

I supposed many might be using Firebase to send push notifications, so it would be affecting all those people, and hence may be concerned about and may have suggestions too.

The solution that I understand is going to cost me 500 times more WUs for sending bulk push notifications. I suppose others affected by it would have concerns on it and hence the post.

Also, the part about HTTP/2 is way beyond my technical knowledge and abilities (which are already very very limited). I thought someone in community may know more on whether that can be done in Bubble and if it will save some time and WUs.