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FireFox Copy and Paste Workflows

I usually don’t use FireFox but the Bubble Editor in Google Chrome is a nightmare at the moment.

When in FireFox I am unable to copy a workflow and paste a workflow, whether it be from within the same app on the same page, on the same app to different page in that same app or from another app into a different app.

The worst part…is it is so inconsistent, it likely will fall into the category of ‘not reproducible so not a bug that will be fixed’

Seems like dynamic expressions suffer from the same Bug

I experienced the same.
Actually, Chrome works absolutely fine. I use macOS and I use Chrome only for development (minimum extensions).

The past 3 years plus it has for me. Over the last two days I’ve been unable to do any work with it and have had to use Firefox to get anything done. Hopefully issues will be resolved and it will revert back to being usable.

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