First item in database not showing in repeating group

Hello, new user here, going through a Udemy course and for some reason the first item from the database is not showing in a repeating group, but the second one is. Any ideas on why this would be? I’ll try to attach some screen shots, but let me know if you need further info.

You’ll see I have two items in the DB, but only the Tom Woods one shows, not the David one, which is the first one I added to Users.

Here are the properties for the repeating group:

Thanks for any help you can provide!

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If those are users, what are the privacy rules on the user?

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Hi Richard,

Well, not sure actually what the privacy rules are. Let me check. I didn’t create any or anything, just added the users. Be right back.


Hi Richard, you just taught me something! That was the problem. I guess by default it added a privacy policy or something to the user. Now I changed it so they could all be seen, for now anyways, and that fixed it. Much thanks to you!


Great news!
Be wary of privacy rules, too loose and they can cause issues, too strong, the same.
There are people way better than me on here who can point you at the right parts of the tutorials for it.