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First repeating group item doesn't change in new responsive engine

So I had a couple of buttons that changed a conditional state which changed the data being searched for in my repeating group, this was working completely perfectly, I switched over to the new responsive engine, and now the first item of the repeating group does not change, but the rest do.
What’s going on, is this a bug?

What property is the conditional changing and share pics pls


I have two buttons which change the “type” conditional, its all working as its supposed to be, its just the first result doesn’t seem to change, where it did before switching to the new responsive engine.

:thinking: Seems like it should work with your setup… maybe delete the Data source for the repeating group since you already have it in the conditional…

Also did you mean to set your minimum cell height for 480% or did you mean to do px? just curious

I’m used to the “most liked” or “most recent” just being states on your page to decide how to sort a repeating group, but in this example it’s in a field in your database?

I used your suggestion and deleted the groups default data source, no change.
They are states on the page, not a field in my database, the button that is pressed simply sets the state (text), everything worked perfectly yesterday.

Oh also, in regard to the minimum cell height, I have no clue, I don’t know how this new responsive engine works, I’ve been spending hours on something which would normally take me 15 minutes to create.

Sorry the first item thing I’m not sure…

And yea if you have content inside the cell that is fitting height to content just set your minimum to something small so the cell fits to the content as well.

This is so danm strange, I deleted the whole repeating group and re did it, still the same issue, all the other’s change but the first item of the repeating group doesn’t. Does the new responsive engine handle repeating group data differently, you have never run into this issue?

I kind of don’t know where to go from here, I need to update my app quickly, is it worth putting in a bug report from your perspective? Thanks for all the help once again.

EDIT: Ah I’m dumb, I created a new piece of data and it ended up working, turns out I added a high number of likes to the recent dream without remembering, sorry!!

Hopefully the level/xp system is still working after the new responsive :joy:

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oh my it’ll be a while before I get to that, been spending 2 days on the simplest page with this new responsive engine, I’m struggling lol