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First row only is written to the database

Trying to populate Bubble database from Google Sheets with API Connector. #1- API Connector settings seem to be fine. #2- In a Repeating Group I’m able to list the rows according to the cells range I’ve selected from Google Sheets. #3- Now I need to populate my database with the rows i’ve selected. #4- I’ve got a button to Schedule API Workflow on a list. #5- I’ve got the Backend workflow to Create a new thing. #6- I run the app. #7- tap the button - #4 - : All the selected rows are listed; only the range’s first row is written to the database times the number of rows I’ve selected. Like this: the cell’s range includes row 2, row 3, row 4, and row 5. Row 2 is written to the database 4 times. Row 3, row 4 and row 5 are not written to the database. Any help, please?!

If row 2 is being written 4 times, you may be referring to the same item for the ‘schedule API workflow on a list’ action. Posting screenshots of your various steps will be much more useful here :slight_smile: