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First stage of our new app launched!

Built exclusively in Bubble, utilising several API Connectors and a few plugins this site has been a labour of love for the last 18 months (there have been a few revisions as our startup identified market trends etc). I’m very happy with how it looks and how it all came together. Just wait for the next stage in about a week to see even more integrations and pages come to life!

Well done and interesting concept.

I have been studying marketing tips a lot recently as a lot of startups give up after a short period from launch for having no marketing plan. So my advice is to focus your first few months just on creating brand awareness wherever you can (before focusing on sales).

Keep us updated.

Thankfully one of our team is in marketing and they’re all over this already (social media is not my thing, but it is clearly hers and the other partners too!). My focus is on delivering a fast smooth experience to cooks or customers - and our team via the page of analytics and tools. This is just the start and our business plan is quite conservative on enrolment and sales. We’re in this for the long haul and fully expect it to mean us having to prop it up for quite a while to come.

Thanks for you kind comments, really appreciated. The courses run by Greg on Udemy and later were invaluable, as well as the trove of information in this forum.

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Congrats on the launch!

Thank you :+1:

Nice work!