Fit a repeating group

Hi there, a few days ago i posted this. Would be really interested in a solution for this.

I have seen some questions come by about this but i can’t find a solution to get the following table readable on mobile:

image.png845x365 27 KB

What would be an option is a horizontal group with multiply rows, but somehow this is disabled…

anyone has a creative solution?

Hi @sando - here’s one thought that may help you (I’m assuming you want your app to work on mobile, pads and laptops). If you take what you’re showing in the pic and put it in a group (if it’s not already), you could go to responsive settings and set a rule to hide it when browser size is less than whatever you want (ie iPad or landscape on smartphone).

Then create a second group that would be the size of smartphone in portrait view. Make that group visible when browser size is the size of smartphone (ie 320pix in iphone 5). Put another way, hide this group when the screen size is bigger than smartphone width. For the rule, you’d use the same pixel width for this group as for the group above (one rule would be <=, the other > so you don’t overlap on the size)
Then you can format the smaller group to better show your content on the smaller screensize.

Hope that makes sense.

Also - not sure if you saw this video from @romanmg (Gaby). It may help you too.

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