Fitbit Activities - daily distance/steps appears missing

I’ve been exploring the Fitbit API and have been able to successfully setup calls for daily Sleep and Lifetime Distance, etc. However, I have not been able to call daily distance, daily steps, etc. When debugging it appears that the Daily Activities category is only pulling the information for “goals” and not individual stats such as distance, even while sub-categories of Activities include items such as Distance and Steps:

Checking the permissions on the Fitbit site shows the following, which seems appropriate:

Last is a screen cap of the FitBit categories that are available, none of which appear to be pulling data for Distance or Steps that I can tell:

Any thoughts on how to call this daily activity data (distance, steps, etc.)?

Does anyone have experience with the FitBit API plug-in? I haven’t been able to make headway on the above issues. Any help is appreciated.

Best here is to provide a link for others to test with some test fitbit credentials. Otherwise it’s very hard for anyone else to help.

Thanks for that … I’ve made the following public app which replicates the issues described:

The API login API seems to work, though I’ve never gotten the subscription API to work appropriately. I’m not sure if this is “blocking” the distance data … though as you can see (once logged in) the current user’s sleep data, name, etc. all pull as expected.

Thanks for any advice/support here.


Anything on this?