Five-M Community Application / Website / CAD-MDT

We are looking for a system with the following:

Applications to community
Applications to Departments
Applications to Sub-divisions
Website similar to a forum based community, with community rules and policies, department & subdivision sop, tests for the above, document hub and ability to review previous incident reports all the way through to court disposition.

Cad must include
Civ Cad for characters, DL, CHL, CDL, Fishing & Hunting Lisc and tag count, faa certification for aircraft (will explain in more detail), warrants, weapon registration, vehicle registration, Volunteer Fire, Volunteer EMS, Reserve LEO - Dept, Vehicle insurance, call 911, call for tow, akas, prior arrest, warnings, convictions, other vehicles, passport, immigration status

All LEO - Call Holding Panel, Officers Status Panel, Current Call Panel(will go into more detail) Penal Code, Plate Search, Name Search, NCIC Serach, INCIC Search, ICE Search, Verbal Warning, Written Warning, Fix-it Citation, Arrest Report, Incident Report (for all calls) Patrol Map(live map), IM with dispatch and other public safety, Panic, Request Back up button, status update, Accident Report, Supplemental Reports, Use of Force Report, Warrant Request, Call for service log, Evidence Log, Sexual Offender Registry, Amber Alert, Silver Alert, Blue Alert, Red, Alerts, immigration status, tax returns

All Fire / EMS- Station Selection, Apparatus Identification, Fire Investigation Report, Run Report, Accident Run Report, Supplemental Report, Address Incident History, Five Investigation Report, Building Inspection Form, Patient Care Form, CareFlite Report Form, Call Holding Panel, Personnel / Apparatus Status Panel, MAYDAY Button, Panic Button, LEO Request Button, VOL Request Button.

Medical Examiner - Autopsy Report, Toxicology Report and ems call information when dispatched to call

Tow - location and vehicle to pick up

Department of Public Safety / Emergnecy management needs to see all calls regardless of leo, fire, ems, rescue, tow, security, diispatch, calls holding, all call currently dispatched and ability to self dispatch to call.

auto populated charges in all reports, warnings, and tickets.

Staff Page - Approve Reports, Approve Warrant Request to go to Judge, Unit and Patrol Area Assignments, All Calls during current shift (closed calls go grey)

Judicial System - Randomly assigns cases to prosecutors and Judges, Randomly selects from 3 options for jury (bench trial no jury) 6 person petite jury (9 jury members selected randomly from active players) or 12 person (randomly selects 18 active players not tied to case) extra jurors are alternates in case something occurs. Sentence - if imprisoned that character will not be playable for the amount of time the sentence is 1/2 day = 1 year. Can not make new character, character maximums are still in effect. Death Sentence is character deletion, after automatic appeal is filed to go to Supreme Court and tried there. Death Sentence is final imposed upon completion of all trials, appeals and final death warrant is signed by District Court Judge, Chief Justice of Supreme Court, and Governor. Magistrate Judge (the 2 district court judges, and judges of supreme court in a rotation) will set bail amount, and ensure charges against suspect is correct and understood, assignment of defense attorney(s) is done. Grand Jury - will hand down a true bill or untrue bill, true bill, means enough evidence for DA to proceed to trial (publicly known as a indictment) or a untrue bill meaning not enough evidence. Sentence can also include fines and community service.The judges are JP / Magistrate 1, JP / Magistrate 2, hears arriangment, can throw out evidence or case based on evidence submitted, sets bond. @ distrcit court judges who hear the entire case, and then 2 associate Judges and 1 Chief Justice over the supreme court.

Tones for up to 30 stations / locations, Panic Button, Mayday Button, Signal 100 - plays “Signal 100 is now in effect, emergency traffic only” button for “signal 100 is lifted” “Pit timer of 5 minutes has begun”, " Pit timer has ended, a pit maneuver may be conducted at this time when it is safe to do so"

Buttons that play, " The priority call time has ended, regular role play may resume", “a priority call was just conducted and a no priority timer of 10 minus has started”

Text to speech for all calls- reads off postal code, the signal number, the signals call type.and any updated notes.

Security companies which recieve a basic leo type page

Postal Code - History for everyone to see responding to postal code.

Live Map intergration

area of play map (will provide) Live Map

create calls from the unit screen - only if no dispatch is on and active as dispatch"

custom 10 codes / signals / response codes / penal codes

Jail script where the charater is in jail till bail bonds bails out or sentence completed.

Must include the following departments in the levels:
1st level - Civ, LSPD, SSPD, PBPD,
2nd Level - LSSO, BCSO
3rd Level: SASP, SAHP, SAPW, SAFR, Medical Examiner, Fire Marshal, Marine Task Force, Comms , AMR (Ambulance), (CareFlite0 based in Fort worth TX) Bail Bonds, Tow Trucks
5th Level - Court System, Internal Affirst, Department of Public Safety., Public Relations Department

IM to other players and dispatch

call notes

Economy with wages determined by job category and a store. (buying certain cars, weapons, or starting up a business, paying fines, paying bribes, paying for hits)

Randomly generate calls for all departments

Text to speech for units assigned, call type, and location. No need to for text to speech of additional information.

*****Also please do not respond if you can not develop this project. I have tried before and get developers responding they can do about 25-30% of what we want. *****

We have spoken with a number of communities (38) that are interested and would purchase if a developer was able to create this cad.

I’m currently developing a really ambitious realistic cad where I plan to make a unique powerful cad superior to most cads, and I’m interested in implementing these features. I’ve read through them, and I think most of these are possible. I already have some of the features mentioned added to the cad. What price are you willing to pay if I do add the other features you stated? What price are the communities you spoke to willing to pay? How long would you want to wait for the release of the cad?

you still have that cad

I’m still making it. It’s work in progress

ok do you have a demo that i can look at

Not right now, but I’ll have a demo ready by tomorow or after tomorow. If you want, you can become a beta tester and help me test it out.

ill become a beta tester

Ok thanks. Ill message you when I want help testing it.

ok just email at [email protected]


how much will it cost or do have to pay for it since im a beta tester

No worries, i won’t make you pay if you help me beta test

im going to help you beta tester do you have discord

Ok add me: someperson123#4646 , I think it’s better if I contact you through discord than email

ok im not on my iphone rn

This does sound like a very interesting development. I’ll help where I can, being emergency manager, asst fire chief/ems stuff, I can help with as much as I can. leave it for someone to swoop in on someone elses post, take over and leave the OP out.

@nachodip97 i added you on discord

ill read it when i get back on