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FiveM CAD/MDT in German

Hello guys,
im from germany and i have a FiveM Roleplay server with Police, Sheriff, Medic, FIB, Fire Department and Highway Patrol and im looking for a good MDT/CAD to use it for the Members of the Departments. There are many good CAD/MDT’s but it is everything in English. Can Anyone make me a CAD/MDT in German? The Radio Codes are the usual American Radio Codes, but i translated them in German so we want to have it in German in a CAD/MDT. The CAD/MDT should be like this:

with the normal MDT/CAD functions.
I would pay for it, but only if it is in German or you give me a template what i can edit.
Im a noob in programming so i hope anyone can help me.

Sorry for my awful english and have a nice day dudes :slight_smile:

You can Contact me here or Discord: Kjano#0420

Hello what you purshase mdt/cad