Fix height of group

When using groups within a “main” parent group, these “child” groups have collapsable height, as such the “parent” group shrinks too. This isn’t what I’m going for though.

This is how I want my page.

How could I achieve this?

Does the parent group have the setting to collapse height when hidden as well?

If not and it is still collapsing, what exactly is the reason the child group needs to collapse its height?

No, it doesn’t. They need to collapse when hidden because they are outstanding actions, when completed they will disappear.

Maybe just make it so the group that needs to disappear is not set to collapse height when hidden as that seems to be the issue. The child group collapses its height because it is set to when it is set to not be visible and then the parent group collapses with it, but you want the parent group to maintain its height.

So remove the collapse height when hidden from the group that is set to become not visible. It will still become not visible, it just won’t collapse its height.

I’ve thought of that, but then say you had:

Outstanding Actions:

But say you complete task 1 and 3. Then you have:


It looks half completed in that manner.

Didn’t know you had a series of groups. Thought it was all just one group…maybe implement a repeating group to display the outstanding issues in a better way so that when they are completed they are removed and only incomplete tasks are displayed so that once task 1 is completed task 2 is moved up to cell 1 as well as all other tasks

How would I work it into my application though, I suppose:

Data Type: OutstandingTasks



– but how would I set when Visible=true as it depends on each variable. it would be on page startup or something I guess?

That is done in conditionals