Fixed dashboard

Hi There!

I’m new to Bubble and I’m building a task manager. I have a few problems I need help with.

  1. Fixed dashboard
    I’ve designed a dashboard and it’s on the left, now how do I make it fixed for all pages? I’ve attached a screenshot of the dashboard. I want to have fixed so when someone clicks company profile, the dashboard menu is still there and information appears on the right just from where the orange bar ends. This should be the same for all buttons as they linked to different pages. When I click All tasks you can see the tasks appear on the right, I want the same thing for all pages.

  2. How to save information
    I’ve created a form, see picture below but I don’t know how to make the save button save the information when someone fills the form. I want the button to save and then after saving give an option to update the information.

Your help would be highly appreciated

Did you do the lessons?

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