[FIXED] Dropdown not properly displaying geographic address list

Before I report this , can someone check this out to make sure that I’m not overlooking something…

And here’s a link to edit mode.

This was uncovered while trying to help @ajanssen with this issue. Is this a bug? A known Bubble limitation?

I can’t see any issue with the way you have it set up. That’s odd. Does the dropdown act properly if you reference the RG as the dropdown’s data source?

Really good question. Turns out, no. It makes no difference. Thanks for taking a look, @eli.

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Yes I got a chance to try it too and it does not work. Thanks for looking it to this (and testing) with me.

No problem.

FYI, I submitted a formal bug report, so it’s officially “filed”. I’ll post here when I hear back from the Bubble team.

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Yeah, seems odd. I’m sure a text element would update, so the dropdown (ideally) options should follow the contents of the custom state. Prolly a bug.

Just this instant got word from Bubble that this has been fixed, and indeed, I have confirmed that it no longer occurs on my test page noted above.

Thanks, Bubble engineers! :+1: :grin:

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