Fixed Height - Begin New Group Logic

Good morning/afternoon/evening.

Questin to solve: dynamically creating a new group within content exceeds the fixed height of a preceding group.

I have a repeating group, which allows end-users to dynamically add groups of user-created content via the UI (custom text or images) much like assembling a blog.

I would like to set a fixed Height (example: 500 pixels) for the parent group housing the varoud dynamic sibling groups. Then if a user exceeds the parent’s limit when adding a new content type, I’d like to auto-generate a new group of the same height (500px) to consume the image (or overflow text) and any other new content.

Example: (fixed height is 500px)

  • user adds an image (example 200 pixels) and
  • custom text (200 pixels)
  • user then adds a third group, which is a second image (200px)
  • new group is created to house the 2nd 200px image and any other new content

Question to solve - Is there logic for dynamically creating a new fixed group to accommodate the second 200px image and any subsequent content, effectively the overflow?