Fixing parsed JSON response in Bubble API Connector

HI Bubble team,

When I’m looking at this nested JSON structure above it appears that “value” is showing as a single number, and MetricValue is a list, but in this Metric Value is a single field and within that is a list of "value"s.

Am I missing something here or this is correct that Bubble is not correctly recognizing this JSON structure?

Screenshots are attached below

I think it might have to do with the brackets. Have you tried to remove the brackets and just have the curly braces?

Thanks Johnny, I tried it but Bubble won’t allow since the response here is

a list of rows with two fields dimension Values and Metricvalues. MetricValues is supposed to be a single field with a list of “values” but for some reason Bubble is interpreting this as a list of “MetricValues” with a single “value”

Curious if you figured out this issue I’m having a similar issue where it’s recognizing as “list” and isnt able to parse through it to get the proper information. I’ve done a workaround of just accepting as text and then splitting it to get the right info but would really like a more robust solution to the problem.