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Hello everyone after some thought and taking a break from the CAD MDT area for a while I have decided to come back and do a little bit of CAD MDT stuff, I am not going to overwork myself again, I will be doing orders and tickets as I get to them. with that being said all staff applications are open so are Network Applications and Owner and Co-Owner applications are going to be open for a while. I will also need developers and Sales Team members I will only accept really good applications, If you are interested in a Network admin or higher please DM me on here or email me at [email protected] or DM me on discord at Buck14537698 or join the company here https://discord.gg/nK9S4Z3

Flex Designs

What we do: We are a CAD/MDT Development company. We also specialize in Web development and graphic design.

Why we started:
I started Flex Designs to give back to the communities that are out there. I also like making the products and made it into a business.

Some of are products:
Simplex CAD
Simplex CAD V2
Web Sites
And much more

Flex RP
Hadmodding group
Buck145 Lounge
Advertisments & More
United RP FiveM

How to get the MDT’s:
To get the CAD’s you have to go on are site and join are disord server. Go to ticket creation and create a ticket and tell us what products you want.

Discord: https://discord.gg/nK9S4Z3
Website: https://www.flex-designs.weebly.com/