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Floater (bdk) for different sizes

Hi @gaurav,

I have an issue concerning your Floater plugin.

I use the floater on a page where one of the elements (let’s call it “description”) has some text. The floater floats until the bottom element (let’s call it “other articles”) and then stop. The floater works well when the description is short, but when I put too much content, the floater stops in the middle of the page, and does not go until the bottom element.

Capture d’écran 2021-01-07 à 16.48.58

This is because I have put a fixed duration (3300).

Is there a trick I have not seen to make the floater fall until the this element “other articles”, no matter how long the description is ?

Thank you !

Hi @Bohemond,
The elements scroll duration can’t be linked to other element’s position as that would be a very very complex thing. Even if it was possible via the library I highly doubt bubble’s plugin builder interface is advanced enough to support the input mechanisms.


Hi @gaurav,

I am having the same issue as @Bohemond - the height of my ‘Description’ elements is dynamic and changes based on user input, but I need to have the floater stop when it reaches my footer regardless of the height of the ‘Description’ element.

As the floater can be triggered by the scroll position on the page (0-1), could the floater also be stopped when the scroll position reaches a point on the page? e.g. The element floats between scroll positions (0.2 - 0.8).

Appreciate your help here.


Hi @gaurav,

I am attempting to add floating capabilities to a few elements that are not immediately visible on page load. The elements reside in different reusable groups that are made visible upon state changes.

Is there any workaround for the issue of the floating plugin not working with “non-visable” elements on page load?

Thank you

@ahlmark I have this need too for the plugin. @gaurav is there any work around to this?