Floating group inside Repeating group?

I’m trying to create a so called “sticky header” for a repeating group. It seems the most obvious way to do this would be to use a floating group. I wanted to know if it is possible to place a floating group inside a RG?

*Any other solutions are welcome to this problem :wink:


+1 for this! haven’t been able to achieve this, would be great if it could be done

An FG can only float relative to the page. You can put another group above the RG, and if the RG is set to vertical scroll, it will show a sticky header effect. In other words, with vertical scroll, the RG will scroll, and the header in the group above the RG will remain where it is.

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This is certianly a good solution. In the the simpe case, trouble with what I’m trying to accomplish is that I have an RG with 25+ columns, and so I need horizontal scrolling as well on both the sticky header and RG.


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