Floating Group must be right under the undefined


We are building our MVP and facing one issue in our timeline view.

There are two views (main and timeline).
The main view shows the entire project. The timeline view reduces the main view estate to 30% and displays a timeline. That particular mini view of main shows the following issue:

Group Timeline Navigation: Floating Group must be right under the undefined. Instead, it is under FloatinGroup Timeline View.

Happy to jump on a chat with you! Thanks a lot.

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Can you show a screenshot of the problem?

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Hello, @leehaber,

The expected behaviour is to observe a mini-view (the top area of the view) with a timeline (here seen with two columns Item A and Item B).

The App also behaves correctly. It hides the main view and allows a user to navigate the timeline, including all tabs within the timeline view.

Does that help?

Hello, @leehaber,

Did you face a similar issue?

Kind regards

I’ve had so many issues with Bubble. On my app I have similar issue with multiple views.

I think the issue may be that you’ve nested a floating group inside a group of another kind. That would be my guess. All of the Floating Groups I use are top level (not nested inside other groups)

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Solved this one — Indeed, I had two floating groups nesting inside other groups.

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