Floating Group - pushing elements to the right

Hi All,

This just started happening on a page of mine (overnight), and I have no idea what to do.

I have a Floating Group (FG) in the editor, configured to be on the top right and above all other elements. Whether hidden or not, it pushes a group element in another FG to the right in the editor. In the preview, this is not happening, and it works as configured.

Any ideas?


Hi Travis! If you delete this Create a new workspace floating group, do the groups that are being affected, come back to their original state?

Interesting… I removed the Floating Group, and the issue remains.

I’ve noticed it is the same width as my left navigation Floating Group, which is 260px. I used a 260px left margin for the top floating group. Should I have made the Floating Group’s margin 0px and only adjusted the first internal group with the margin?


That was it. I set the top navibar Floating Group left margin to zero and set the first internal Group left margin to 260px, and it aligned in the editor.

Glad you got the solution :slight_smile: