Floating header and footer on mobile


I have a floating header and footer (navigation) on a one page app with groups. I am currently using Dropsource to wrap for mobile. Working in the app some times makes the header and footer become “unstuck” so they are scrolling with the page. It then also shows the whole page although hidden groups stay hidden.

Did any of you run into a similar behavior and do you have any ideas on how to solve it?

Thank you for any help you can give.

unfortunately, I also didn’t succeed in leaving a navigation footer stay, without scrolling with the whole screen. what is the right way to do this?
thank you :slight_smile:

I am not yet sure as I haven’t worked on the application for a while. I cancelled drop source though and I am experimenting with thunkable. It is the easiest of the bunch. Most difficult is wrapping with web view.