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Floating header of multiple tables

Hello there,

I´m struggling with this situation: I´ve in the same page 3 tables and each table has a header so what I want to do is that when a user scrolls in the first table for example, the first header floats and if he goes to the second table and scrolls, the second header floats, …

I´ve being trying to get it done with the floating group but it always is referenced to the page itself not to the group or something.

Thanks a lot guys.


Why not use a regular group?

But how can I make a regular group fixed to the top of the table?

Thanks a lot.

I don’t really know what you’re trying to achieve, sorry, it’s kind of hard to understand without seeing what you’re talking about.

You could try grouping them together?

I’ll take a quick look at your editor if you’d like