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Floating stripe for cookies


I’m looking for having a floating stripe to explain the user that my website is using cookies. The user would accept it by closing this stripe as we can find it on every websites in France.
I know how to do it in the page but I would like to have a stripe taking the entire width of the webpage like the refresh stripe we can see when we modify the app.

How can I make it?

Thank you !

I think an alert at the top of the screen could do this.

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I tried it but it doesn’t work. I would like the user to be able to hide the alert when clicking on it. I can’t do it as this element isn’t clickable. I tried to add an element like a button or an icon but the alert is always in front of all other elements.

Thanks for your help

We don’t have that feature indeed. But you could do this with a custom state on the page and an event triggered when the user is clicking on the floating element, that changes the custom state. can you try this?

I have tried to create a custom state and an event triggered but it doesn’t work with the click on the floating element as this element is an alert, do you have any other idea?

Why not using a floating group, instead of an alert? the issue is just that we don’t make alerts clickable (since they fade in/out).