FLOPPY: Plugin for localStorage, sessionStorage, IndexedDB storage, List Creation/Manipulation, Iteration, and More! Now with even more video docs!

@Future: I made a (very long) video for you where I talk about using Floppy with API responses and illustrate how (with a little annoying work) one can save the raw body response from an API call, store it in Floppy as a text key and then, via a different API call (to your own app’s backend), “rehydrate” the raw response back into a Bubble API response object.

Hopefully you find this informative and not too confusing. (Also, watching it at 1.5x will make it less painful. :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:)

EDIT: I didn’t (fortunately) demonstrate this in the video, but the get raw data feature DOES NOT yet work properly for sub-objects (like my Event objects that are inside the full raw body response). So it’s good that I didn’t talk about that too much. That problem is described in my reply to this other thread: Enable “raw body text” for Request Data feature! - #16 by keith