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FLOPPY: Plugin for localStorage, sessionStorage, IndexedDB storage, List Creation/Manipulation, Iteration, and More! Now with even more video docs!

Hi @keith , sorry to bother… i am using Floppy to sort by a custom count. But the result remains a List of numbers, and is not of the right type. I must miss a setting here, but can’t find it (watched your video about it though). Happy if you could help.

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Is there a way to resize the Floppy element so that it doesn’t take up on the page? Maybe I’m missing something really simple, but when I try to adjust the width and height I’m unable to, and if I make it invisible and collapse when hidden the actions throw errors.

I’m creating a table with rows where I’ll need this or something like it in each row, and because of the tight UI I don’t have room for a 40x40 blank space. I would want to make this 0x0 or as close to it as possible. What can I do?

Huh? I’ve been making mine 1 x 1 no problem.