Floyyo: A modern Client Management platform

Hello Bubblers!

I as a freelancer and a hacker (not the one that breaks into banks), have felt a constant need for a platform that lets me communicate with my client in a more efficient manner; a platform that is made specifically for client projects.

I prototyped and came up with this project here called Floyyo and I made this like in about a month or two.

I just released the BETA and I’m looking for suggestions and ideas. As a nerd myself, I am not that good at marketing my projects and I’m looking for someone who can collaborate with me on this project or could help me along be it on the technical side or on the marketing side. I know it is kind of weird to ask help here but I hope you get what I mean with my excuse.

Feel free to ask me any questions, favor or suggestions and I’m thirsty for it :stuck_out_tongue:


Congratulations for your project! Certainly a good idea to develop something for Freelancers…the prototype is on a good way too!

As a first (quick) suggestions - coming from a design/UX researcher :

I created a project in Floyyo, the form is very long…It might be useful and more user-centered to decompose it into different sliding screens/groups…
Also regarding the home page, might be also more understandable to have all my projects/agreements/Surveys listed here. Like “My dashboard”

In general, thinking and creating user journeys/scenarios might be useful to organize a bit more the information and flows.

Once again, I think the overall idea is really great and the first shot is promising, keep going!


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Hi thanks a lot for your suggestions. I was thinking about the same, the form filling I thought could be simplified.