Focus group are not being responsive on first page load. However, they become responsive if the browser window is resized?

I’m working on a app for a water filtration company and I’ve got focus groups acting as drop down navigation menus. The menus that drop down are pretty big, but all the content is responsive so it should be fine. However, when I load or refresh the screen the focus groups do not responsively resize until I manually resize the screen and it seems like the responsiveness kick’s in after that and it will work until I load another page. Any help would be greatly appreciated, been banging my head on a wall about this one for a while!

Link to the site:

app is password locked

Thanks for the heads up, unlocked.

The responsive seems ok for me,
Menu buttons disappear < 427px

Your design does seem a bit hectic though.

So if you refresh the page with the screen at that small size the focus groups are not stretching off the page for you? I’ve had it happen on all browsers I’ve tested on.

Yeah I know, I’m sure we’ll strip a lot of it out in the end.

you are right, there is a problem, its happening on my app too.

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