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Focus Group is visible in test version but not in production

Hi All,

In my app I have a focus group that contains a repeating group.

Repeating group is then filtered by custom state set in earlier steps.

For some reason this focus group is visible correctly in TEST but in PROD it does not appear.
Any ideas why?

Thank you in advance

Are you relying on any database entries to show the focus group?

What are the steps to show the focus group?

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Yes, I do. There is a 2 step process to generate a report for the user.

Step 1. Choose a Topic. ← Custom dropdown using focus group (hardcoded values). As a result a Custom state is now in place. Topic_State = ‘X’

Step 2. Choose a Task. ← Custom dropdown using focus group (repeating group). After focus group is toggled a repeating group should filter main database for all tasks that are in Topic = ‘X’.

In test environment, in preview mode Step 2 works just fine. Once we move to production it is not visible.

Maybe it is a problem with a repeating group?