Focus on the Time part of a Date/Time Picker

Hi Bubble team,

I’ve just made a feature with a button to open a Date/Time Picker with the date of the day, but I want the user to choose time after that.

It would be useful to be able to focus on the Time part of the Date/Time Picker.

Thanks in advance!



As far as I can tell, Bubble doesn’t provide any effective way of working with time independent of date/time. And as far as I can tell, none of the few date/time pickers or droppers are up to the task.

To me, and for the purposes of my app, it’s maddening. Working with time and calculating duration is pretty fundamental in business apps. :angry:

Have you come upon anything that addresses your needs?

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Dates are times. How many times do I have to say it? (See what I did there?)


And on how many dates?

Perhaps I’m a bit soft-headed (or hard-headed, depending on your perspective) but it’s only in the realm of certain software thinkers that date got mixed up with time.

I was programming when there was no such thing as a date data type that mashed date and time together. Date was a calendar date and time was time of day and they were represented by several columns on a punched (“IBM”) card. Never mind that it’s the limited storage on cards, tapes, core memory, discs and drums that led to the infamous Y2K problem that wasn’t a problem.

Twenty years ago, in VB and SQL Server, I had control over dates and times in a way that made sense. Date was date and time was time and if I wanted them mashed together I called them “when”, and if time zone was of concern, I managed that as yet another field. I was in control and it wasn’t all that hard.

It’s only now that I’m back in the messy world of programming (“coding” or “no-code-ing”, or … never mind) that I’m having more trouble with dates and times than ever. Back in the day, it was some grueling grunt work. Now, it’s more confounding than ever.

In may cases it would be much easier if time, date and when (date-time) were distinct types with operators that allowed you to combine and separate them in logical ways.

And no, I haven’t thought this all through carefully, but I stand by the position that as Bubble has no-codified unix dates, it is more difficult and confounding than it needs to be.

Maybe hard-headed is the right description. :confused:

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Nice quip!

No, sadly I had to adapt our app to this limit.