Folder when adding pages?

Hi, based on my experienced when i build a site that needs to be mobile friend also what i did is to create a separate page for desktop and mobile the problem is it because of that you will see a lot of list of pages that sometimes need to search the page just to find it quickly… this is also a problem when having too many pages it will be good to have a folder for each pages.

is it possible when creating a new page we can assign it to a folder like all for mobile pages will be inside “mobile” folder. so that the list of page will be lesser.

think of it to look as a File Manager

also the folder can be deleted including the pages inside of it.

hope you got my point


up on this one

I wouldn’t mind this feature. I’ve seen and built apps with dozens of pages, and yes you can search them to filter, but a folder system would also be nice. Folder for desktop pages, mobile pages, copies/backups, test pages, etc. Just like the workflows folder system.

yes just to make the pages clean and organize :slight_smile:

This would be handy. Can sort of do it by adding a prefix (m_ x_ d_) to the page name.

But a folder would be great, particularly to hold previous iterations. There is always something I need from a month ago and have subsequently removed !


and it’s good to see folder first instead of a bunch of pages it will be like a file manager

Are you using the folder system? I see the potential but still don’t use it too much. Maybe one of the reasons is that when you copy a workflow, it doesn’t copy the folder so you would have to create a new folder or remove because it doesn’t recognize the folder name.

I do use the colors a lot. Would also be nice to be able to sort/filter on colors. But that is separate :slight_smile:

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I do use the workflow folders a lot. If you copy a workflow while you’re in the folder view, it’ll paste it in there too. Copying between pages doesn’t work that way though and does what you said - doesn’t recognize. If you happen to have a folder on the other page labeled the same thing, I think it puts it in there…

In general I just make it a habit to select a folder every time I add a new workflow event so that things are organized as I go.