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For Sale: Agora Livestream HD Video Broadcast Plugin

Hi all,

As part of the development process for GoodWebinar, we experimented with a couple of livestream products to get the results we needed.

We ended up having amazing plugins built to support this, and we’re happy to provide you access to the plugin so you can get livestream video in your apps and broadcast it to your users!

We integrated with both Agora and Tokbox, both leading livestream services.

We are currently selling the Agora plugin which includes the following:

Full HD livestream video
Unlimited viewers
Up to 5 hosts broadcasting

Possible solutions:

  • Facebook livestream app
  • competitor
  • Church/sports livestream app
  • Group live chat with friends app

If you would be interested in buying this plugin please reach out or drop a comment below!


Just publish it to the plugin marketplace.

Thanks for the suggestion, we’re actually preparing the demo site to publish it


I take interest in this plugin for a social network app. Can you make the plugin with subscription for a test.

I am interested. Please publish it so i can purchase

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Hi @lipalesa.makoele it’s a private sale app as it’s including me setting it up for you. We’ve had a number of successful purchases, I’ll pm you!

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Hey Reece. Have you published this yet or can you send me some info. Interested in Facebook Live integrations.


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Hi Nathan, I’m private selling not through the marketplace - I’ll pm you!