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For sale: Beautiful community app that fuels a marketplace

I am selling my fully fleshed out community app that was built by the amazing team at Zeroqode because I have moved onto a new framework for my business.

This app is beautiful, turnkey, and ready to turn a profit overnight. The only work needed is to adjust the front end design so it doesn’t match my business. That’s it!

I worked for two years on this build to make it pixel perfect and client-ready. This is not a “light” template that you may find in the Marketplace. It’s fully baked and ready to go live.

What you will have is a well thought through UX, Emails, Onboarding, Video chat, Session Booking, Event Booking, Member management, Feed, Messaging, robust Search, and desktop Admin Management.

Business (Shows app screens on the homepage)

Designed in:
Brooklyn, New York
(Senior NYC creative lead designer)

Built by:

Live App Demo:

Built features and documentation:

  1. Events
  2. Event details page
  3. Event booking
  4. Messaging 1:1 (chat indicators, presence indicators, etc)
  5. Messaging - Group chat
  6. Feed
  7. Feed - share, like, comment
  8. Search - by People, Sessions, and group chats
  9. Search filter
  10. Post
  11. Post with polls
  12. Post with multiple choice
  13. Notifications (through all aspects of the app)
  14. Profile page
  15. Profile editing
  16. Video chat
  17. Onboarding flow
  18. Admin - Member management
  19. Admin - Event creation and management
  20. Admin - Global categories
  21. Admin - Default global messaging
  22. Admin - Global alerts to all members

If you’re interested, please contact me and I will be happy to discuss this in greater detail.

Thank you!

Looking cool. Is the landing page built on bubble? I couldn’t find any bubble crumbs in the source code.

Unfortunately, I took it down a few months ago now that I migrated to the new build, but it was close to what I have now. It was built on Squarespace that directed the admin to the bubble desktop app. The desktop app was only for the admin portal. See attached.

Cool. I suspected this was the case. It seems to be the best and preferred set up.
Anyway, looks great, hopefully someone bites!

Are you interested in buying the code? Or just wanted to review the work.