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FOR SALE! - Time Tracking/Utilities Site for Roleplay Communities

Hello! So I recently made a Utilities Site for a roleplay community! Since it is now unused, I am deciding to sell it!! This site includes:

LOA Requests
RA Requests
Contact Form
Bug Report Form
View your past LOA/RA Requests & Bug Reports (with statuses)
View/edit account details

Discord Staff Panel
Log Tickets
Log User Watchlists

Case Worker Panel (Supervises a set of staff members)
View your caseload
View timesheets
Submit audits

Discord Staff HR Panel
View Ticket Logs
View Watchlist Logs

High Staff Panel
Birthday Person
Staff of the Week
Staff of the Month
User Management
User Roster
View Audits
View Timesheets
View LOA/RA Requests
Search data using their number

Developer Panel
Lockdown Site
Put site in update mode
Put site in maintenance mode
Update Changelog
View Bug Reports & Contact Messages

If interested, DM me on Discord: daonlyryry#2571

If you would like a DEMO, DM me on Discord

Price: $30