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For the love of god please fix the dynamic expression for geographic addresses issue


Agree. + 1

+1. Obligatory did you file a bug report? …and eat your vegetables :wink:

For geo address fields, they seemed to have shoehorned in the google maps autofill api in line with the traditional bubble dynamic expression editor. This has been buggy for quite some time and will consistently blow away both new and existing data and static or dynamic data that is input into a geo field. It is not clear why having autofill for addresses is desirable inside the editor for developers, but I’m guessing this was a design on bubble’s part out of necessity.

Yes and Yes.

Thanks for the input on this. I’ll be sure to provide this thread as a link to the support team to help bolster the effort to get it addressed and hopefully resolved.

Agree, fighting this issue as well.


Earlier today I provide support with a test page for them to verify the issue with. I had first thought to create a brand new app to do it, but wouldn’t you know it, the first attempt I had no the new app there was no issue.

Makes me wonder if it is a system wide issue or just affects some.


Agree +1

Bubble engineering have updated that this is intended behavior.

There is the issue, but from my testing and the support team testing, it exists when you first attempt to ‘quick select’ a address when you start to type into the dynamic expression created…for example trying to quick select ‘current geographic position’ and you type ‘cur’ and nothing happens so you scroll to select it…this is when the issue exists.

The reason that happens is because of the intended behavior which is that you can just type in the name of a city or location manually and it will get picked up.

Here is video shared by Bubble.

Solution/ workaround summary:

  1. Don’t start typing the name of the element to find it.
  2. Simple scroll down to it and click on it.


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