Force publish with "Issues" cause Go To page HAS to be last

I need Go To page to not be last for my timers to work and pass URL parameters, it works flawlessly in Preview but if I follow these “issues” it completely ruins the purpose of these functions.

How can I get this to publish without needing to have them last?

There isn’t any other way to pass these parameters.

Okay! What I realized was that I could just duplicate the button when it’s being clicked and have it FIRST send parameters ending that When event, THEN use the same button to do the rest of the actions that I initially had in the same order.

That definitely makes sense, the logic is obviously much more semantic than how I had it previously :joy:

There are a couple of other options
You can use &issues_off=true in the editor page parameters which turns off the issue checker so you can deploy to live even with issues


Add a condition to the goto page action and bubble will not raise an issue
I often use “when current user is current user” which will always return a true value

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