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Force select 1st row in RG during page-load


I have 2 RGs, RG1 and RG2. Based on which row is clicked in RG1 content of RG2 is shown. But i want to force-select 1st row of RG1 after a page loads, so RG2 is not empty and showing some content. This is just for better user experience. How do i achieve this?


Search things #items until 1

@cmarchan thanks for quick response. Do you setup workflow called Page load? Can you please explain how the workflow will be setup to load first item of RG1 automatically?

Setup a custom state on the page that is of the same type of data that the two RG’s are supposed to show. Make the first RG show results based on a search but leave the datasource empty and make the second RG show the custom state (even though the custom state is a single item you can use it as the datasource in a RG and then select the operator : converted to list so that it is accepted by the RG as a valid datasource).

Then when the page is loaded you can run a workflow using the page loaded trigger to in the first step do a “make changes to list of things” and all you will do for the datasource of the list of things to change is run the search you want the results of in the RG1. You will not make any changes to them, this is just to get the functionality of performing a search and capturing the response for use in workflows.

Then in step 2 display the data in RG1 and the datasource would be the ‘result of step 1’ (this is the list you searched for in the make changes to list of things)…then 3rd step in workflow would be to set the custom state to the “result of step 1 :first item”.

With this setup you will avoid using two searches and instead only use one search.

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