Force the selection of the first cell in a repeating group

To start, I have a set of properties, a set of folders and a set of files. Each property has a set of folders and each folder has a set of files.

I have two RG’s and a dropdown on a page. The dropdown allows the selection of a property.

The first RG lists a set of Folders for that property and the second RG lists a set of Files in those Folders.

I can default the dropdown to a specific selection however the display of Files in the second RG is dependent on the physical selection of a Folder selected from the first RG.

The page itself is set to a type of “Folders” and the Files RG uses the “Current page Folders” to determine which set of Files to display. A user must select a cell in the first RG to set this “Current Page Folders” for the second RG to know what Files to display.

The trouble I have is that if I make a selection from the dropdown, the set of Folders changes but the set of Files does not change. This is because with the new set of Folders displayed in the Folders RG, none of the options are initially selected. This selection is necessary to set or change what’s in the “Current page Folders” condition which the Files RG uses to determine what Files to display.

There must be some way to force the first cell of an RG to be selected or if not, how else can we make the “Current page…” whatevers to change without a physical action first?

You can see in the gif attached that until I select a Folder, nothing changes in the Files RG on the right. I’m really hoping for some solution for what should be an easy thing.


How about you create a new group whose datasource is the first folder value in RG1.

Then create a workflow that sets the value of RG 2 to be the files of the folder of the new group when someone changes the property.

I can do the first part of your suggestion (RG2 is actually inside a group whose source IS RG1’s selected folder) but the group is not an available source when trying to set RG2 to a new list via workflow actions.

Can you set the default in RG2 to RG1’s list of items’ first item?

Using a Custom State I was able to set the default selection of RG2 equal to the folder name of cell 1 of RG1 during page load or when selecting a property from the dropdown. Then by changing the Custom State again to RG1’s cell number when the folder names in RG1 are selected solved the problem entirely.

“First item” searches limited my ability to select other folders but your suggestion did lead me to the solution, so thank you!