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Force URL Parameter


I’m making an APP for Events and I’d like to force the site to use the city selected by the user. There is a combo in all pages so the user can change the city anytime.

User has a field in User database with his prefered city (selected last in the combo), so i can always serve his preference;

I want to have a parameter “city” in the URL to help the navigation.

I made 3 rules

  1. When the combo city changes the value, changes the user preference and updates the url changing the parameter to selected city;
  2. When the city parameter doesnt match the selected parameter from the combo, update the combo and user preferencia, for the selected parameter (in case people manually change);
  3. When the parameter in URL doesnt match any of the availables city in options set, (or parameter doesnt exist), refresh the page to use user preference for the city;

(Something like that)

Any suggestions? :slightly_smiling_face:

Thank you!

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Are you referring to the ‘Go to page’ workflow action where you can add a url parameter?