Forcing billing address entry during login


First, you make licensing changes that were impactful to many of us and now you force me to enter a billing address and block me from working even though I am on a professional plan and the other person is handling the billing.

Can you please think things through from a customer’s perspective?

Thank you!

How does entering a billing address for a paid product affect your usability? It’s a standard practice amongst almost every other business out there in the ether.

Because bubble implemented the interface to not allow any access to the apps and to stay on the box to enter the billing address. I had to contact the person whose company card is linked to bubble to get their address.

I get the need for a billing address what I have an issue with is the forcing and stopping me from actually using the product that we’ve paid for. Basically abysmal customer experience!

Another annoyance is that the popup modal doesn’t seem to work. I can enter in an address and it’ll still pop up next login.


ugh, great, so that’s what I have to forward to… :frowning:

You need to actually go to your Account page and change it there. Then it should stop prompting. But yeah, pretty bad that the popup doesn’t work.


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