Forcing password expiration

Is there any way to periodically force a password expiration, so the user has to replace it with a new one?

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There are many ways to do this. Simply refusing access to the site after a certain date is one to go (for example with a popup or redirect that forces you to reset the password). If you describe how you’d like it to work in detail, we can try to make some more detailed suggestions.

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What I had in mind is to have each user password expire N days after the last time it was changed.
Unfortunately, I could not find a way to determine when was the last time a user changed her password.

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When they hit the confirm button on the password reset, you can schedule an API workflow for whatever point in the future you want the reset to happen. You’d use a value like, “Current date/time +30” or whatever increment you want.

That may work well. Thank you!

Now that I think of it more, I guess I could modify the password change workflow to save the date for the next password change date in a field in the User Table when the user changes it and then check that date at login time…

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