Form check for entry on table

Hi so I have a form that is an enquiry form I need to add a customer if it is not in the customer table but if they are then alert

Any help greatly appreciated

Hi there, @officeteddy2012… if I understand your post correctly, here is one way to do what you are trying to do. In this example, I am checking to see if the customer name that is put on the form is the same as the name of any customer that already exists in the customer data type.

  • Add an alert to the page that will show up when a customer already exists.
  • In the workflow associated with the form’s submit button, have the first step in the workflow show the alert if the customer already exists.
  • In the second step of the workflow, terminate the workflow using the same Only when condition that shows the alert in step one.
  • In step three of the workflow, create a new thing in the customer data type.

So, the workflow in my example would look like this…

As I mentioned above, there is an Only when condition on step 2 that is exactly the same as the condition shown in the screenshot. Also (and this probably goes without saying), there is no Only when condition on step three because that step will only be reached if an existing customer is not found.

Any of that make sense? I hope so, and I hope it helps.


thank you this has worked fantastically

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