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Hello, new to Bubble but like what I’ve seen so far. I was running some tests and pretty much have what I want to create working, however, I am running into one problem.

I have a form that asks for name, price, condition, etc. and when you click submit, it takes you to another page that is suppose to display the items that have been submitted so far. From what I’ve read I have to display this in a repeated group…however, each block contains every submission, instead of each submission being in it’s own block.

How do I fix this?



Could you share your editor link? Inside your editor, go to Settings > general > Everyone can view or everyone can edit. Then copy and paste the link in your URL bar.

Once you’ve done that, share it here and I’ll take a look for you!

I think that link will work for you.

So basically I need to get the information that’s submitted to go through, be displayed in a single block. Then when you submit again, that new submission is in it’s own block.

Thanks for the help.

Hey @woodard.jone,

Welcome to Bubble! I checked out your link and made a few adjustments. You were on the right track. The text elements inside the cell need to reference “current cell’s [field]” instead of doing a search of the database all over again.

Your repeating group data source is already searching the database for a list of comics, so that’s what it will display. Each cell is then a separate comic record, and each text element (or image) can pull from “current cell’s [field]” to display values for each record.

Hope that makes sense!

PS - I recommend you set the Purchase Price field to a number type instead so that you can do math with those values (e.g. sum totals) or format it as a currency.

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Awesome. Thanks very much. I’m glad it was that simple a fix cause it seemed like I was on the right track as you said.

I’ll definitely change the purchase price as it would be good to track and calculate that info.

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