Form w/ conditional outputs

Hey there! I want to create an input form that returns specific items from a database based on the input conditions (e.g. if the age is 65, return everything from the database that is relevant for seniors).

Creating the form is pretty straightforward, but how would I create those specific outputs based on what the user fills out?

Hi there, @mjcollins88… if I understand your post correctly, the only way to create those outputs would be to “tag” everything in the database with something that matches the user’s input. If we use your example of age, you could consider having an option set that defines the age ranges. You could use the option set to let the user select their age range, and you could also tag things in the database with the appropriate option from the option set. With a setup like that in place, it would be easy to show a user everything in the database that is relevant to them by doing a search for things where the age range associated with the thing matches the user’s age range.

Anyway, just some food for thought there, and I hope it helps.


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