Format a repeating group with 1 column like a table


I am creating a table with several columns using a repeating group with 1 column…
I am wondering if there is a way to separate the columns of my table with a solid line.
The height of the rows depends of the text length… so how can i have a vertical line long enough to go from top to bottom…

Thanks for your help !

Put your text elements into groups that fit fully into the RG and then design the borders of the group’s independently on left and right to show borders.

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Thank you i just tried but when the column height

increases because of a longer text, it doesn’t work, the vertical borders are not long enough. Just like on the bottom of screenshot.

Is there a way to solve this ?

The reason this is occurring is because the group that you have formatted is not the group that is making the row expand. The group around the Date_DEB field is a constant height.

yes… :frowning: and is there a way to make it NOT constant height ?

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